Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Impossible Level Game Solution

Level 1:
Press "Press here to move on".

Level 2:
Press the Yellow circle.

Level 3:
Press anywhere outside the yellow circle on the screen.

Level 4:
Wait for a while.

Level 5:
Press the blue circle at the top left corner until a green circle is seen. Press the green circle.

Level 6:
Pull the circle to the bottom of the screen. You will see a textbox. Press the textbox and enter "darkness". Now move the circle towards right and you will see an "ok" button. Press it.

Level 7:
Press Win, Press the arrow key (repeat 5 times).

Level 8:
Press the blue button.

Level 9:
Press the circles from 1 to 8 according to the picture.

Level 10:
Drag the letters and arrange them in the boxes provided. The word is "AMATEUR".

Level 11:
Keep moving through the yellow line till you reach a green button. Press the green button.

Level 12:
Press the circles from 1 to 7 according to the picture.

Level 13:
Press the red circle 16 times. Press the red arrow.

Level 14:
Press the "4" in "Level 14".

Level 15:
Password is "eqths".

Level 16:
Go back to main menu. Press "Select Level". Select level 15.

Level 17:
There is something like a cover at the bottom left corner of the screen. Drag the cover away and you will find a hammer. Drag the hammer to the top of the spoon. Click on the green circle.

Level 18:
Password is "loser".

Level 19:
Enter "58008". Press "OK/C".

Level 20:
Click on the blue triangles. Don't forget to count them. Enter the number of blue triangles you clicked.

Level 21:
Tap the top left corner of the screen until the slot machine is cracked. Then adjust it so that it looks like this:
Press "PULL/OK".

Level 22:
Press the ball when it falls.

Level 23:
Keep pressing the arrow until the silhouettes are shown. Press the Android silhouette.

Level 24:
Google search for "fat kid sat on his cats tail".

Level 25:
You must find the order in which the circles has to be pressed by trial and error.

Level 26:
Go to main menu and press "Resume".

Level 27:
Press the yellow button. Type "MONKEY" by pressing the letters shown on screen. Do this as fast as possible.

Level 28:
Rub the bear till it is happy.

Level 29:
Press the circles from 1 to 8 according to the picture.

Level 30:
In part 1 and 2, the nails on the red line should be drove in.
In part 3, draw 30. Nail the X's,
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
0 X X 0 0 X X 0
X 0 0 X X 0 0 X
0 0 X 0 X 0 0 X
X 0 0 X X 0 0 X
0 X X 0 0 X X 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Level 31:
Keep Pressing the cloud and turn the phone around. Press the picture of sun.

Level 32:
Drive the nail in, Select the colours in the correct order, press the android silhouette. Press win and arrow 5 times. Press the spoon to bend it. Go back to Level 17, Remove the cover from the bottom left corner, Move the hammer and press the treasure chest.

Level 33:
Click red to select it. press the first button on the clown.
Click yellow to select it. press the second button on the clown.
Click green to select it. press the third button on the clown.

Level 35:
Answer "m".

Level 36:
Keep turning the phone to stop the sand from filling one side. press the numbers from 1 to 12.

Level 37:
Catch the 37th key and insert it into the lock to open it.

Level 38:
Solution -

Level 39:
Run your hand on the right side of the vertical road from the bottom to the junction and wait. When the stop signal is gone, turn right.

Level 40:
Use the grey circle as the joystick. Find 3 cherries. Don't get hit by the monsters.

Level 41:
Go to Level 35. Answer "Level 1". Remove the cover from the bottom right corner of the screen. Turn the device upside down. Press "Press here to move on".

Level 42:
Press the Giraffe's head (The one at the top).
Rearrange the picture so that it looks like this-

PS - Level 34 uses military time.


  1. Great walk through!
    Would love to know how anyone figured out level 41.
    How did you know to go to level 35 and enter "level 1" as the code?

    Thanks a lot for this!

  2. If you unscramble the letters flashing on the screen, you will get "game riddle", which is level 35. "level 1" is the answer to the riddle.

  3. Very tricky! Thanks for the reply!

  4. I enter "level 1" on level 35 and I get wrong password? what am I doing wrong?

  5. What in the world do you do for level 34? Ive been stuck for days

  6. Hi, thank you for all the help so far!...I'm still stuck. Level 41, I have gone back to 35 typed in level 1....lowercase...then what?...I hit ok I get wrong password...

  7. 38 i connected the dots perfect. it still doesnt do anything.

  8. did u plot all the points correctly?? in level 38

  9. lol okay u give the answers for every # exsept level 34 wtf i cant figure it out sumbody help me haha im goin crazy

  10. I corrected the image for level 38.. check out the solution now.

  11. I'm still stuck on level 38!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The dots have to be joined perfectly. It is difficult to spot a skipped dot. I got it after 5-6 trials.

  13. Level 38, you need to connect the dots at the base as well

  14. I get that #34 is military time but how do you enter that on the colored dots, I've try every which way and it still isn't working...

  15. On 34. Go to the settings on your phone and change the clock to military time. Set tbe time to 11:11. Guickly go back to the game and light the bottoms lights in the first 4 columns. It took me 4 weeks to figure it out. Hope it helps!

  16. 11:11 because in binary, the 1rst dot represents 1. show the 1rst 4 dots lit show 1111. that's not necessary though. simply enter the current time in binary. hurry or the answer changes!

  17. EDIT: so the 1rst 4 dots lit show 1111

  18. im having trouble with level 41. i did exactly what it says and still come back to the same place

  19. Wtf up wit 41 i tried everything how do you remove the bottom corner

  20. ty man for this great job you saved my phone's life, I was about to throw it against the wall...

  21. On level 41 I'm doing everything right....but after I press "press here to move on"it takes me back to level 41! Help!

  22. At level 41 when it sends you back to level 1,
    don't just turn the device upside down...
    do it like the level with big cloud(level 31)
    and the press the button...

    At level 34 make sure when you change the time, that you will make green the 1st 4 bottom dots before time goes 11:12...If so, go and change again time to 11:11...

    At level 38 also draw the bottom line...
    If you think its difficult, imagine that i made it xperia x10 MINI!!!

  23. Ok i am stuck on level 38 i have connected all the dots perfectly according to the pic and its still not doing anything... Please help

  24. how do you set the time if the clock is broken

  25. ok i gve on level 38. .that flippin rooster is on some other crap. .how many times can a man draw a rooster?.how many times can a man draw a rooster?

  26. On level 34 it says the time is 12:10:35 how can you do it.

  27. 38, I don't understand.... I've drawn the rooster probably 18x. It still will not accept it. I pulled the picture up on the computer and it is identical to what is on my phone. What is going on? Please help!

  28. you have to to connect the lines at the bottom that's what this picture is missin

  29. level 34 is worth less level

  30. Okay so on 34 I've changed my settings and changed the time 5 million times.. done the first four in thhhe row and it still wont go I don't understand.....?

  31. OMG. i hate 42......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. level 38, I connected the dots as in the picture, also at the bottom but he won't accept it. What am I doing wrong?

  33. Level 38 : You need to complete the bottom line from one side to the other going through all pins and also add a line connecting the tops of the 2 pins that are left on the inside making sort of a rectangle there.

  34. For level 38 note that touching the pencil flips it around making the eraser available ( for the ones that were redrawing the whole thing every time after making a mistake )

  35. My answer will not fit in on level 15..? :( why not I know its eqths buh only frui comes out help please

  36. Stuck with level 38 did almost evry dam thing help out plz..whr m i wrong?

  37. Did everything everyone said on 38, down to the line on the bottom and the "rectangle," does anyone actually have the real solution or is this incorrect picture all we f-ing get? 42 comments and no true

  38. Which way do you turn the phone for 31? I keep pressing buy nothing happens. Been turning the phone everyway I can but still no sun :(

  39. Hold your finger on the sun and turn your phone upside down. hold your phone upside down for a couple of seconds and it should work.

  40. Using Huawei Ascend II, can't swap to 11:11. Wont let me adjust the time for level 34.

  41. Damn ya'll the rooster pic is right all you gotta do after that is draw a line connecting THE VERY BOTTOM FOUR PINS!!

  42. Level 38 solution is working.. better you try to connect each pin by pin as per solution given here.... finally you have to connect bottom 4 pins also... then blinking rooster will become visible... now touch the screen to go to next level...

  43. Wtf I connected all the dots correctly. But I'm still stuck in level 38

  44. still stuck on lvl 38 what do i have to do? i tried everything =(

  45. Can I add something about 38? There is a line you have connect that isn't in the actual rooster pic. Do like pic above but connect the top of the arm lines as well as the bottom pins. Shouldn't have to but do. 41 killing me. Keep getting "wrong password". :(

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  47. не могу пройти 18 уровень помогите пожалуйста

  48. im stuck on 34 with the weird red dots. how do i get passed this?

  49. Im stuck on level 38 i connected all the lines and nothin happens can someone me plz

  50. Level 38 - if you do mess up, you can tap on the pencil on the screen and the tip changes to eraser, so you can fix the error. Level 37, if you miss the 37th key, wait for the next gold one, or one after that. The key, here, is that the key should match the lock, that is, should be gold.

  51. Glad some of the levels were hard, great ending telly :-) but as I always say needs more levels and to be harder

  52. Cannot get pass 34 on kindle fire. Please help

  53. I can't do level 21

  54. can't do level 39. The stop sign won't disappear.

  55. huhuhuhuh now im back to level 38 arghhhh.... so hard

  56. Help me please. Any tips out there???